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We design and develop unique products to meet the needs of children at home or in the hospital. Our mission is to provide extraordinary products that are safe, fun, and include sensory features to promote brain development and motivate physical activity.

Although our Nurture Smart products are designed to meet clinical disinfection, durability, and developmental standards, they are also perfect for home use. Our first products, the Nurture Mobiles are the most advanced baby mobiles ever created. They were designed with input from healthcare professionals to include exceptional safety, child development, and comfort features. They are now the mobile of choice for hundreds of hospitals but many families are also enjoying the benefits of the mobiles in their home nurseries.



  • Infection Control: The CDC states babies under 6 months are at high risk if exposed to flu, measles, and other pathogens. The Nurture Smart Mobiles are uniquely designed to allow easy cleaning and disinfection with no gaps that could shelter pathogens. [The CDC recommends that recently touched surfaces around babies be routinely cleaned and disinfected.  https://www.cdc.gov/flu/protect/infantcare.htm ]
  • SIDS and Choking Hazards: Our mobiles have no parts that could fall or be placed in with the baby. [Items in a crib have been linked to SIDS and create a potential choking hazard. Our interconnected construction is totally unique!]


  • Vision: Our mobiles feature black and white and color viewing plates that can be easily adjusted up or down as the baby’s vision develops. [Young babies are more attracted to black and white images and have a vision range of approximately 12 inches. As babies grow they get more interested in color and their vision range increases.]
  • Auditory: We provide a full slate of calibrated sound options including an in-womb heartbeat [The sound choices were selected by clinicians and audiologists to provide just the right balance between hearing stimulation and comfort. We test the sound levels to make sure they are within a range that babies can easily hear, but not so lout they risk damaging hearing development.]



The Nurture Smart Product Line!

We are excited to offer our new Nurture Smart product line. Our first product, the Nurture Smart Crib Mobile, is the most advanced CRIB mobile available. Our second mobile, The Nurture Smart Portable Mobile with Record and Play offers the same advanced construction but will attach to smaller cribs, bassinets, seats, and play yards. See our product pages linked below, and read about each mobile’s unique features. Whether you choose our Crib Mobile, our Portable Mobile or both, you can rest comfortably knowing you are providing your baby the safest, most developmentally advanced mobile to help jump-start their development.


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Nurture Smart Mobile

Nurture Smart Crib Mobile

The original Nurture Smart Crib Mobile is the most advanced mobile ever built and continues to win awards and accolades in both clinical and in home environments.

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Nurture Smart Portable Mobile with Record & Play

Nurture Smart Portable Mobile with Record & Play

The NEW Nurture Smart Portable Mobile with Record & Play adds features and functions designed for portability and flexibility in just about any setting!

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What Makes a Great Toy?

Toys must be FUN FIRST but children are also engaged by, and attracted to, toys that provide multi-sensory experiences.  Such features might include contrasting colors for visual stimulation, music, chiming or other sound producing devices for auditory stimulation, multiple materials for tactile stimulation, and various scents for olfactory stimulation. Sensory stimulation activates brain pathway growth and is critical to promoting healthy cognitive development. Toy features can also be designed to motivate children to reach out and explore their environment which encourages the physical activity necessary for the development of major or minor motor skills.  Click on the images below to learn more about the design of some of our most popular stimulating toys.

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