Sensory Toys

Children playing with sensory toys

A Sensory Toy is a toy that has been specifically crafted to help children develop using as many methods of stimulation at one time. While sensory toys are often mentioned as beneficial for children with special needs (such as autism), these sensory toys are beneficial for ALL children. Many normally functioning children can have minor sensory disorders, which can benefit greatly from working with them to overcome any sensory integration challenges.

In many cases these sensory focused toys can be used successfully in tandem with therapy to maximize sessions.

The reason that Sensory Toys are development in the first place is that studies clearly show a link between cognitive development and the amount of stimulation that is encouraged while children are still young. This takes the form of sight, sound, taste, tactile contact and encourages multiple methods of discovery at once.

How Are They Different?

The toys, books, games and accessories that we offer have been clinically designed by therapists, specialists, parents and teachers to create toys that truly deserve to be rated as a sensory development toy. In some cases you will see toys that can fall into a sensory category being labeled as a sensory toy, but most of the benefits are only coincidental.

Our focus is on selecting and researching specific products that don’t just give support to sensory function, but that was specifically designed to help develop sensory exploration. This means that it has undergone research, review and study to ensure that it can successfully perform the role.

It is also worth noting that due to the amount of research and development that goes into clinically developed sensory toys, they are not always the least expensive toys available but they are however the toys that will make an actual difference in the development of your child!

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