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Bring the zoo into your home with Echo Puppet. She has oversized eyes and a warm friendly smile that will be sure to engage your child. Her raised rubbery dots promote tactile stimulation, while her crinkly vest stimulates auditory senses. Bright and colorful contrasting patterns will promote visual response and capture your child’s attention. Allow your child to learn as they play. Echo Puppet is sure to keep a smile on your child’s face, while stimulating cognitive and physical development. Echo Puppet is also a great way for kids to learn pretend play and develop basic communicative skills.

Puppets are one of the few toys that have lasted throughout the years as a favorite among both children and adults alike. When it comes to dealing with problems, children find it easier to work through something that is troubling them if they can externalize the problem. Puppets provide them with the opportunity to do this.

Developmental Benefits

  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Visual Stimulation
  • Tactile Stimulation
  • Tactile Discrimination
  • Auditory Stimulation
  • Memory and Recall
  • Oral Stimulation
  • Hand/Eye Coordination
  • Social Engagement
  • Cognitive Development

4 reviews for Echo Puppet

  1. Marcos S., Age 8

    I like when my Mom makes Echo talk in silly voices and she sometimes makes him whisper in my ear! The crinkle feels silly.

  2. Renee Grassi, Children’s Librarian, Glen Ellyn, Illinois

    Puppets stimulate kids’ self-esteem and courage by inspiring them to share their creativity and imagination, taking pretend play to a new world.

  3. Caitlin Fiorillo

    Great puppet. Wonderful for engaging kids in conversation!

  4. Leah Braddell

    Echo puppet is one of the most engaging puppets I have ever used with my daughter. It captures her attention and she interacts with it, like its alive. Great value for the price! Two thumbs up!

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